Made in England
Bespoke Leather Work
Restoration of leatherwork In order to retain the true integrity of the leatherwork for a vintage motorcycle, jacket/breeches etc. it is desirable to remake or conserve the “original” in every detail possible. To do this I will need to be sent the item, make a detailed pattern, take measurements, and distinguish the leather type and origin of any other materials used. Due to the nature of each restoration the price will have to be determined individually. The “all leather” toolboxes made to your specific requirements are all currently priced at £70.00 each. Other leather items available from “The Golden Era of Motorcycling” include: Pan Saddle, Tool Roll (to fit small Pannier box), Breeches, Flattank Top Tool Box, Spark Plug Box (to be worn on belts), Rear mudguard seats, Petrol tank knee pads. For any enquiries or to place an order please contact me at
Restored “Short saddle used by Sunbeam’s TT Rider “Charlie Dobson” Before and after restoration.
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