Made in England
Bespoke Leather Work
Imagine “The golden Era” of motorcycling 1915-1931 The Bespoke Brooklands Jacket is a unique vintage motorcycling experience, ‘Made in England’. To purchase one of these jackets is to delve into the intoxicating past and to invest once again in the craftsmanship of an English workshop. Picture ‘The golden Era’ of motorcycling 1915-1931. Brooklands Race Circuit packed full of legendary machines and individual gentlemen motorcyclists. The racers were the heroes of the day. George Dance astride his works ‘Over Head Valve Sunbeam Sprint’ dressed to a ‘T’, in corduroy breeches, new Brooklands jacket, shirt and tie. Full of vim and vigour, handy with a spanner and cutting a hearty dash, what a Gent! England coined the phrase ‘The workshop of the world’. We raced what we made in thousands of industrious labyrinths right across the land. As the proud owner and rider of a magnificent Sunbeam motorcycle, Gez is steeped in the elegant craftsmanship and simplicity of a bygone era. Gez lives from what he makes, maintains and works using the original hand operated ‘Singer Patcher’ and ‘Barrel Stitcher’ machines from the 1920’s; he’s a very resourceful chap. Each jacket is made to order. The first step is to make a Calico jacket from the customer’s measurements. Second a fitting, then to make the jacket using four to six quality 1.2mm thick “Kerralia” calf skins. Each can be individually dyed with an antique finish. The Brooklands Jacket takes Gez two and a half weeks to make. All edges are individually ‘scarped’ by a razor sharp Japanese knife to remove bulk from the seams. Pockets come complete with rolled seams and soft leather interiors. To add authenticity Gez scours dusty antique shops for buttons from the period. Finally a detachable heavy drill lining is completed. The jackets are faithful stitch perfect reproductions from a set of 1926 ‘General Post Office attire’. These had been languishing on a shop shelf for years and were too small for most vintage riders, so left unsold. Until Gez discovered them! With the remains of oily maintenance beneath your fingernails, a long vintage ride wearing the appropriate garb is the essence of the ‘spirit’ of the 1920’s. There is nothing to match blasting around sweeping English countryside, Castor oil and Petroleum vapour in the air a plenty of an early morning in spring! Due to the variations required by each Bespoke Brooklands Jacket, prices are on application, although around £1000.00 is close to the cost of manufacture. For further enquiries related to ‘The Brooklands Jacket’ or other leather restorations please contact Gez at
Contact 07403-625321