Made in England
Bespoke Leather Work
The manufacturing techniques of the jackets and luggage The original concept was the Gez Cater ‘shoulder bag’. The Gez Cater bag is ideally suited to cycling as it is shaped to sit on the back - and stay there! Gez himself could not find a bag he liked, so he designed and made one from scratch, as it needed to perfectly fit his requirements with no buckles or branding he designed a beautifully sculpted, clean and simply finished item. The Gez Cater Shoulder Bag is a beautifully pared down design, without any metal encumbrances, the absolute minimal design. He boasts the bags are always comfortable even on the most bothersome of trips, and he’s right, they are. Originally trained as a goldsmith, Gez is also a Luthier, and so when he approaches the bench it is with a wealth of experience and knowledge behind him. With a goldsmith’s eye for detail and a Luthier’s ability to carve materials into incredible angles Gez is a modern Renaissance Man, indeed there isn’t much he can’t make! The manufacturing techniques of the jackets and luggage hark back to the Edwardian traditions of British leather goods and English saddlery. The luggage is worked entirely by hand, from the cutting of the skins with a ‘Japanese knife’, to piercing the stitch holes and sewing the leather with an original ‘Singer Patcher’ machine from the 1920’s. The items are stitched with pure Irish linen thread using a traditional ‘Long thread saddle stitch’. One piece of luggage will take four to five long days to produce, but the effort required is valid as the items will last for many years with good daily use. The luggage is predominantly made using the increasingly rare ‘vegetable tanned’ leathers, which have a naturally beautiful quality. The leather matures in sunlight and with the staining from rainwater. The vegetable leather absorbs natural oils, in turn developing a beautifully deep, lustrous patina as the bags gently age and form their own unique character, as with all manufactured goods of quality. As the luggage is ‘bespoke’ it can be made to suit your personal requirements and made to fit you perfectly. We also use various weights of leather between 1.2 - 2.5mm in thickness, depending on the style of the bag being constructed. The sizes that Gez has detailed are what he regards as beautifully proportioned pieces of luggage. Lengths of the bags can be varied and various handles / strap lengths can be requested. All luggage is available in deep brown or naturally tanned leathers. Currently the bags are priced at £250.00 plus postage and packing. For further enquiries or to place your order please contact
Ladies day bag
Ladies shoulder bag
No.1 - 10”(H) 21”(L) 6 3/4”(W)
No.2 - 8 3/4”(H) 19”(L) 6”(W)
No.3 - 10”(H) 16”(L) 6”(W)
Gez’s worn in everyday bag
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